Marrakech Chefs Truck Burns Up The Streets With Its Fusion-tastic Menu

A lunch’er tipped me off that there was a new burger truck parked down on Water St. & Old Slip yesterday and that didn’t really get me excited. I mean how many fancy¬†burger trucks do we need roaming the streets? But then I spotted the Marrakech Chefs truck (looking like it was engulfed in flames) and found¬† that the burgers were the least exciting items on the menu. Check it out after the jump.

The edgiest burger (the “Tangier”) has a sunny-side-up egg on it, but I was kind of sad there was no lamb burger. What does set them apart from other trucks that venture downtown is the merguez, Moroccan chicken and kofta sandwiches and platters, which you can get with couscous or rice for $6 to $8. (Review coming soon!) And they have sweet crepes ($4 or $5), but you can only get them after 2 p.m. along with Moroccan mint tea. The menu is rounded out with Belgian fries, so if you’re looking to get food from about four different countries in one spot, this is it. I was told they’re going to park in the FiDi two or three days a week and are supposed to be back today. They don’t appear to be on Twitter so if you spot the truck let us know where it’s parked.



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