Munch Truck Joins Other Vendors That Abandoned Midtown For Downtown

The Munch Truck debuted at the beginning of 2010, when perhaps a touch of fatigue about fancy food trucks was beginning to set in. I noticed them a while back on the corner of Broad and Water streets, and that appears to be their permanent parking spot. They join the 99% Vegetarian Food cart that moved down to Liberty St. earlier this year after being hassled by hotdog vendorsMidtown Lunch’ers gave the Munch Truck a “meh” in the comments, although there was a lot of excitement over the fact that they had fish and chips. Has anyone eaten here and have something to recommend?



  • Yea-It’s out there, checked it out with a co-worker. Verdict? The menu wasn’t really appealing enough to try anything.

  • I passed by it and the though of fish and chips sounds interesting. May try it out in another week or two. The rest of the menu looks meh…nothing really new to the food truck game.

  • SEND HELP! Those of us stuck in Fashion District (37th & 7th) have nothing around here, truck or otherwise. Even when trucks do Bryant Park, they tend to do the furthest spot possible from here. There must be a lot of tightwads that work around here because I know some of the trucks have given it a shot at least once.
    I need me some Schnitzel truck, QBA, Mexicue or ANY burger truck. Pleeeeeeease????

  • They were outside my office for a couple of weeks on 32nd and Madison. I looked at the menu too—and was less than impressed. Never really saw anyone buying from them and they left before I was desperate enough to try them.

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    I had the fish n chips when they parked by GCT… It sucked.

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