Downtown Links (The “Things On Buns” Edition)

Mmm…fat. Courtesy of Lunch with Front Studio

  • If wanting to take a train to go eat this hot dog and french fries at Soho Park is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. [Lunch with Front Studio]
  • A new restaurant called Bun & Co. is opening in the old¬†Kampuchea space this weekend.¬†I will take a tongue sandwich topped with rum bacon, please. [Grub St.]
  • One of the last locations of Andrews Coffee Shop is no more, with the shuttering of the FiDi location. I will remember them for their free WiFi. [Jeremiah's Vanishing NY]
  • Luzzo’s Pizza is opening its third branch on Church St. in Tribeca in the next three months. [Crain's]
  • The caprese panino at Farinella is tasty, but will run you nearly a 10 spot if you want a real lunch. [Serious Eats NY]


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