A-Pou’s Taste Cart And Its Dumplings At Liberty Plaza Today

If you didn’t get a chance to try the Taiwanese dumplings at the A-Pou’s Taste cart at the Vendor-Organized Pushcart Market back in June, today’s your day. On my walk to work this morning I spotted them on the increasingly crowded plaza on Broadway & Liberty a couple of carts down from the Biryani House. I really liked the beef and kimchi variety I tried and the chicken ones were OK too. At $6 for 10 large dumplings, it’s not exactly dirt cheap, but it saves a trip to Chinatown.



  • They’re throwing in a free drink if you get 10 dumplings or 5 dumplings and chinese spaghetti for $6. The dumplings I had were pretty bad. Nothing against the beef kimchi filling, but the wrappers were really thick and rubbery. The noodles stir-fried with vegetables were pretty standard.

    The free drink was excellent though, I had a taro milk tea that was definitely up to the chinatown standard.

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    They were definitely not on their game today. This must be a new franchise, because the team did not look like they ever worked a lunch hour before. The dumplings were all stuck, and did not even know they had the beef/kimchee dumplings. They were on a side burner, and when they took the lid off, they were all burnt and stuck to the grill. Taste was not bad, but they did not have that “steamy heavy” dumpling feel. The price and amount of food seemed OK, but they do not have their game together yet. I might try again, cause I love dumplings, but I am going to wait until they get it together.

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    Sounds like you both encountered the same problems they had at the vendor market where the wait was long and they ran out of pork dumplings. Hopefully they get it together.

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