What’s Missing From This Picture?

The saga of the Picnick Smoked truck continues with the fact that it’s not been seen in its supposed new spot at 1 State St. I’ve been down to the plaza in front of that building two Fridays in a row, and while there are plenty of other vendors to be had, no BBQ. It says on the Picnick Web site that they’re supposed to be there Thursday through Saturday. Lunch’er Serene wrote in to call them out on the no-show and you can see what she had to say after the jump.

Sorry to be a nudge, but that Picnick Smoked truck is not at 1 State St. (or anywhere in the vicinity of Bowling Green south to State/Water streets).  Wasn’t there last Thursday either.  It makes me mad that they’ve posted this erroneous information on their web site.

I agree that it’s annoying, especially if you (like me) spent 15 minutes walking down there to find only street meat and smoothies. Lunch’er BrettBrown also weighed in to say he went looking for the truck and came up empty handed for lunch.

The truck was not down there on Thursday or Friday during lunch. Asked at the [Picnick] kiosks [in Battery Park] if it was available there and nobody working there had any idea what I was talking about. The only thing BBQ related being served is the pulled pork sandwich.

Maybe this truck will make a triumphant return, but after mysteriously disappearing in the first place and then leading people on wild BBQ-fueled goose chases, it’s going to be hard.



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