Picnick Smoked Resurfaced On State Street?

The Picnick Smoked BBQ truck that had been on Wall & South streets, but then mysteriously disappeared is now at 1 State St., according to the Picnick Web site. The site says they are there Thursday through Saturday. Has anyone who works down there spotted it?



  • I’m so glad I’m not crazy! I’ve smelt smoke walking by that area last week but didn’t see the truck…it is now my sole mission to find them this week! Will let you know if I’m sucessful…

  • Good to know they’re back but odd they have such a limited schedule now. Perhaps too much overexposure on the weekdays last year?

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    The truck was not down there on Thursday or Friday during lunch. Asked at the Kiosks if it was available there and nobody working there had any idea what I was talking about. The only thing BBQ related being served is the pulled pork sandwich.

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