Downtown Links (The “Who Wouldn’t Want Dirt Cheap Hotcakes From A Streetcart?” Edition)

Why would anyone not want to eat fried dough? Courtesy of Lunch with Front Studio

  • There is a magical cart on Canal St. in Chinatown that sells 15 hotcakes for $1 and apparently some people need convincing to try them. [Lunch with Front Studio]
  • The otherwise pretentious-sounding Pecan Cafe in Tribeca sells a lunch that offers both a crapload of food and comes in just under the ML price guidelines. [Serious Eats NY]
  • The guacamole at Pinche Taqueria is sad and watery, and the tacos are bland. On the upside, as least they were kind of cheap. [Feisty Foodie]
  • If only the almost out-of-bounds Doughnut Plant were a little closer to the Financial District, and this doughnut could make friends with my stomach. [Blondie & Brownie]
  • Oh dear…J&R Electronics now has a cafe serving crepes, sandwiches and coffee, but hopes to add other European foods. This still isn’t as strange as the Russian bath restaurant on Fulton St. [DNA info]



  • Mmm, I love those little cakes… and while I agree – why would anyone not want to eat fried dough – these aren’t actually fried :)

    • yea i had them the first time a couple weeks ago. they are “baked” in a waffle iron

    • For a second, I was wondering if the writer had gotten the carts mixed up! I remember when I was a kid, I used to try to get my folks to go down Mulberry and Bayard where the “cake lady” sold these baked cakes from her cart.

      I miss her.

  • For what it’s worth I’ve enjoyed Pinche Taqueria fine the few times I’ve tried them out. Yes, I’m judging by Manhattan standards, and yes, they are way over-priced. But I wouldn’t put too much stock in this Fiesty Foodie review if her formative taco experience is visiting her sister in Austin. Having lived a few years in Austin, I don’t even think it’s that great of a taco town to be honest.

    • Fiesty?

      First, it wasn’t The Feisty Foodie, it was a contributor, as noted at the top of the review, as part of the post’s title, and elsewhere. And second, if I’m using my powers of reading comprehension, TT — the contributor, as noted — didn’t say Austin has the best tacos EVAR, just that if Austin can have great tacos why can’t Manhattan.

      Who wouldn’t be disappointed with those nachos, or even worse, guacamole that can be mistaken in pictures for salsa verde?

    • where did you get your tacos from in Austin?

      Taco Bell?

      maybe I was wrong and the shitty guac was actually good! ha

  • Dave, I wouldn’t be disappointed by that guacamole- I’d be insulted. If TT, the person who wrote that review and is not the Feisty Foodie herself, had not specified that it was guacamole, I would have mistaken it for salsa verde.

    I would have thought that because TT’s (one of the original Feisty Foodie’s contributors) sister lives in Austin, it follows that Sis probably has her own favorite Mexican places and was able to steer TT to them, or perhaps they discovered new ones together.

    I lived in Southern CA for a few years and despite having eaten a metric shit-ton of Mexican food, I wouldn’t consider myself an authority on the cuisine.

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