Downtown Links (The “Copyright Infringement Is OK If You Incorporate Pizza” Edition)

Oh yeah, that’s a good looking summer roll, courtesy of Food In Mouth

  • Ah, yes, it’s summer in the city, meaning a time for delicious summer rolls at Pho Grand and musings on Lebron James coming to New York. [Food in Mouth]
  • Mario’s Pizza on Houston St. using a very familiar face as its mascot and namesake, and some wonder how they haven’t had the pants sued off of them. Oh, and the pizza’s pretty bad too. [Fork In The Road]
  • It seems like everyone’s checking out new real panini sandwich shop Salume: one site terms it “the best prosciuto-based sandwich I’ve had this year,” and another thinks it’s the bee’s knees, but wonders if the diminutive size and price might impede the shop’s success. [Serious Eats NY] and [Lunch with Front Studio]
  • The FiDi location of Hello Pasta on Maiden Lane doesn’t have an opening date yet, but a midtown location opens next week, meaning we’ll get to find out how just how crappy a build-your-own pasta chain is well in advance. [Eater NY]


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