Downtown Links (The “I Should Totally Put A Wall Of Restaurant Worship In My Apartment” Edition)

This wall makes me feel lame, courtesy of Attack

  • An ad agency downtown, Wieden+Kennedy, has put up an awesome Wall of Restaurant Worship at their office. It puts to shame my list scrawled in Sharpie/pile of restaurant take-out menus. [Attack]
  • Ed’s Lobster Cart, an offshoot of waaaay out of Midtown Lunch-range Ed’s Lobster Bar, is opening its cart this weekend behind the World Financial Center at Vesey & N. End Ave. This is about the only time I will spend $15 on a sandwich. [Blondie & Brownie]
  • The mortadella sandwich at Parisi Bakery on Mott St. is “oh-so-slightly funky.” [Serious Eats NY]
  • Eddie Huang will be previewing the food for his upcoming Lower East Side restaurant Xiao Ye this weekend. I’m still sad he had to change the name from Crackhaus.  [Grub Street]


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