Downtown Links: The “Fish Tacos And Restaurant Demise Edition”


This is what a winning fish taco looks like, courtesy of Fork In The Road

  • Fish tacos from Nolita’s Pinche Taqueria and Baja Fresh went head-to-head, with Pinche coming out the winner thanks its taco’s heft and tastier fish. What, no throwdown with Taco Bell? [Fork In the Road]
  • A protein-oriented chainlet for meatheads has opened its first NYC location in Tribeca. I’m sure it’s just as healthy as those jugs of bright pink protein drinks being consumed in the weight area of the gym. [Tribeca Citizen]
  • Old school Chinese hole-in-the-wall Mee Sun Cafe has been shuttered by the DOH since the end of April. [Lost City]
  • The Grand St. location of Two Boots is closing on May 9 after three years. Apparently, people on the Lower East Side don’t like their pizza with a Cajun twist. [The Lo Down]
  • The po boys and other New Orleans fare at Cheeky Sandwiches pass muster. [Restaurant Girl] 


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