Grassroots Banh Mi Palooza: We are the Champions, My Friend

Yesterday, Midtown Lunch reported that a lunch’er organized banh mi competition had taken place that definitively placed us, Downtown, at the head of the Manhattan banh mi pack. We effectively swept the podium, taking first, second, and third place! Ok, so technically first place was given to Baoguette in Gramercy, but we totally have one of those too (at 9 Maiden Lane), so I count it in our favor. Taking second and third are our very own Chinatown legends Banh Mi Saigon (138 Mott St.) and Paris Bakery (213 Grand St.), respectively. Daniel Krieger did something a little similar to this back in the day, but not quite on the same level, so we certainly applaud the Banh Mi Seven (sound like political dissidents in Vietnam) for taking the initiative, pulling off this amazing competition, and being kind enough to share the results. Thank you!



  • Banh Mi Seven? lol. It sounds like a crack-commando team…or a magnificent bunch of gymnasts repping Vietnam. *cue the Queen song

    And Chris: it’s Banh Mi.

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    When is someone at the Downtown Lunch crew going to try out the Bahn Mi take-out spot at Mangez Avec Moi (71 W Broadway)? I think their Chicken sandwich is actually better than the Chicken Baoguette!

  • Chris, for the record, Baoguette at 9 Maiden Lane wasn’t as good as the Baoguette at Lex (having tried both and having been one of the Banh Mi 7… lol). Sorry… but Downtown definitely wins it big.

    • Yeah, I figured as much. At the very least, I suspect the Downtown shop would have ranked lower simply because the basic sandwich costs a dollar more down here. As you point out, though, we still win big! Even with that stuff in mind, I’m betting we would sweep the podium.

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