Urban Lobster Shack’s Lunch Special is Now $10

In case you missed this last week, the $10 lobster roll deal that the new Midtown location of Urban Lobster Shack is serving is supposedly also available at the original Downtown location that Daniel wrote about last year (on Stone btw. Broad+B’way.)


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  • Yes, you can get the $10 special at the Urban Lobster Shack in the FiDi. For $10.85 (don’t forget Bloomberg’s cut of your lunch dollar), you get a 6-inch roll with a heap of lobster, chopped celery, mayo and chopped parsley, along with a Caesar salad (about 4 ounces) and cole slaw (previously described here as a “thimble-full”). The roll, untoasted, is flavorful and almost reminded me of those “potato rolls” you find in the supermarket. The quantity of lobster provided was adequate for the price, but I was not impressed with the taste of it. There is a seasonality to lobster: the taste of lobster is affected by where in the growth cycle it is. Maine lobster seems to be at its peak in August and September. Judging the taste of lobster may be unfair in January. We’ll try again in the Spring.

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