If You're Looking for the Downtown Bulgogi Cart… It's in Midtown


Yesterday, the owners of the Happy Well Being House Cart commented that they were out of commission for technical problems, but they would be returning to their normal spot (on 50th btw. 6+7th) with the “old vending cart.” What they didn’t mention was that the “old vending cart” is the Downtown Bulgogi Cart (which they also own.) Sorry Downtown Lunch’ers, it looks like they like Midtown better! It’s not all good news for us though… lunchers who went yesterday reported back that because they are now serving sandwiches (on pita bread) they won’t be serving home fried potatoes anymore.

The guy who runs the Downtown cart checked in to clear everything up.

“Yea there’s no downtown cart right now. My mom took cart and special chef too lolz. Actually, downtown cart’s grills are much better than the big one, and the sauces are better than the midtown’s ( now they have tartar sauce too.) Everything’s got better (tastable, hot, fast, no more long lines.) I’m sure you will love the chicken.

It’s true there’s no more potatoes, I dont know why (I didn’t even know that they were serving potatoes.)
Btw if the customers want them, we can make home fries again :) So tell me if you guys want fries back or no. (I need your opinions, feeeeeeeeedbaaaaack !)

The sandwiches: NOW they serve you fish / chicken / Bulgogi on Gyro bread. The special chef is gonna make sandwiches HAHA. Fish and chicken combo on a gyro bread, white and hot and TERIYAKI sauce!!! O.o
This is the way I eat……..mmmm so yummy. GO ! grab a sandwich”

Sounds like there’s a friendly family rivalry going on here… hopefully the “special chef” won’t screw up the cart too much. I feel like we liked it the way it was! I am, however, intrigued by bulgogi on pita bread…

And what do you guys think about potatoes? Yay or nay?

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  • what an odd e-mail.

  • I always thought the potatoes were outta place but there seems to be a bunch of people that actually miss the option.

  • Ate there today…they had no fish as the fryer was broken, so I went with the backup bulgogi over rice. The “special chef” made it for me (he didn’t seem special, but he was a jovial fellow). Gotta say, not bad, and a TON of food. When he first put it on the grill (they cook it to order) I thought it was for two people, but it just kept getting shoveled into my box!

  • My vote is to have the potato option.

  • Damn! Maybe that’s why the banh mi cart line was RIDICULOUS? I don’t know, seriously that line was f*tarded.

  • yes to potatoes! and yes to the return of the cute korean mother-daughter team! also, yes to having kimchi available or even gochujang.

  • I assume they dont shovel rice into the gyro? Either way, I’m going to have to go with the Crazy Downtown Cart Guy Special, and soon.

  • mmmmm… banh mi cart.

  • Another vote for potatoes. I’m craving that fried fish now…

  • There were potatoes available today (5/11).

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