Wall Street Gets The Banh Mi Cart We've Always Wanted

Cheap Ass Food breaks the big Downtown Lunch news: a $5 banh mi cart started parking in the financial district this week¬†(on Water & John). Obviously our Friday Downtown Lunch correspondent Daniel Krieger will check this out and report back… but more importantly, where’s our Midtown banh mi cart! Boi Sandwich (on 3rd btw. 44+45th) is fine, and the out of bounds Baoguette is really excellent, but $5 vietnamese sandwiches from a cart is another animal entirely. Waaaah! (That was me crying/whining by the way.)

Photo courtesy of Cheap Ass Food



  • CAF lives?

  • YES! Woo Hoo! Might have to come here tomorrow!

  • if they could park a truck on 47th and Lex or outside my cubicle would be much appreciated

  • I checked it out last week. The sandwich was pretty solid, though i had a serious problem with the summer rolls… they were dried out, a little too chewy and overpriced at $4. The bahn mi’s are worth checking out, just skip the goi cuon.

  • that’s still pricy for a viet sammich! i would expect it to be cheaper if sold from a cart.

  • Only go if you have 30-40 minutes to devote to the effort. I was expecting 20 mins, but these guys really don’t have it down yet. He has to wash the pan between each type of meat he cooks, which means he has to turn the gas off and on every time he is done. They need another person in that truck to do prep/clean. I waited 15 minutes and had only gotten to the front of the line – people who were waiting for their sandwiches when I got there had still not received them.

    I know, it’s not mc donald’s – but my complaint was the inefficiency of the industrial design. it slowed things down ridiculously.

  • hey whats going on, i went to john & water street looking to get a banh mi from the banh mi cart that i saw on your blog, i couldnt find it. do you know where they went???????????

  • it’s at hannover sq. @ water street now.

  • thanks jp, i found them today

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