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Nom Nom Ramen to the Rescue

I was truly giving up hope. Every time I had ramen in the city I was totally let down. When Nom Nom Ramen had its soft opening in March, I didn’t run over as soon as possible like I did with Ramen Boy. I was scared of being disappointed yet again. After getting sufficient reports from trusted friends that it was not crap ramen, I made my visit. I hoped to find love in a hopeless place.

The menu is all ramen, save for a single pork bun appetizer. Inside there are plenty of tables but no waiter service, which I have no problem with; order at the counter and wait for your name to be called.

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Green Wasabi is the Newest Ramen Disappointment in Town

Green Wasabi just opened this week, replacing Delicatessen with Japanese bento boxes, sushi, and ramen. Eager to find out how the ramen stacks up, I ran over and was surprised with the lunch time crowd. I waited patiently to try 2 of the 4 ramens offered; the tonkotsu and the shio.

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Ramen Battle: Ramen Boy vs. Yakitori Boy

I checked out the soft opening of Ramen Boy this weekend, and though you can’t eat there today (closed Mondays) I am hoping my thoughts can help you decide whether you want to rush out there tomorrow.

Photo courtesy of Philly Phoodie

The opening of Ramen Boy is kind of a big deal because Philly and ramen are not that well acquainted. The brand new space is small and decorated to look authentically Japanese. Seats are backless but have a little shelf for your belongings underneath. For now, it is BYO.  The menu is small; 4 ramens, gyozas and a handful of other appetizers, 2 rice platters, and dessert.

When the owners of Yakitori Boy announced that they would be opening a ramen restaurant, I thought I would get a preview by trying the ramen already found on Yakitori Boy’s menu.

After the jump; Yakitori Boy’s ramen vs. Ramen Boy’s ramen… is the ramen- focused restaurant’s version superior?

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Sushi Planet’s Ramen Plus Why I Don’t Do Delivery

Yes, that is an empty bag you are looking at.  As the weather gets colder, we sometimes have to rely on the power of delivery and that can be a total crapshoot. I heard that Sushi Planet had ramen on the menu. I placed my order and waited. An hour later my delivery arrived, except the ramen was missing. I was pretty hungry at this point, luckily at least half my order was inside.

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