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The Elusive $1 Slice: Hot From the Oven at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza

Today, Luncher Jon finds a dollar slice in Philly that doesn’t suck (unlike the ones inside the office building at 1211 Chestnut Street, which are horrible) 
You don’t think you can get anything for a dollar? How about a decent slice of pizza? Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, which opened about a month ago, can feed you a slice for a single George Washington bill. Located on 11th Street between Market and Chestnut, Rosa’s has a simple formula: serve pizza (and only pizza) fresh and inexpensively.
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Kermit’s Now Delivers (Some Hits and Misses)

The title has two meanings guys, because Kermit’s Bake Shop on Washington Ave started delivery service this week and also also because they delivered a mixed reaction from their products that I tried this time.

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Testing All the Hot Pockets at Kermit’s Bake Shoppe

I have been counting down the days until Kermit’s Bake Shoppe opened. Part pizza shop, part bakery, Kermit’s brings fresh, doughy items to a pretty barren block. The pink, floral murals alone brighten up Washington Ave. It was nice to see a stream of people from all walks of life arriving via car, bike, or foot  to check out this new spot.

After checking out the available goods for the day behind the glass, order at the counter. Its a strictly take out, delivery, or eat standing up  sort of place.  Plus it is HOT in there, so don’t bring a bottle of wine and plan to stay for a while.

For pictures of the interior, check out Zagat’s recent post.

I tried ALL the “hot pockets” plus a few desserts…

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Fantastic Desserts With a Bit of Lunch at Potito’s Bakery

Today, Luncher John is trying out the bakery that replaced the failed chocolate shops on Walnut Street

Is it possible to somehow eat lunch at one of the city’s best pastry shops while just happening to taste some of its sweets? I’m pleased to report that the answer is yes. Potito’s Bakery, located on Ritner Street in South Philly, has received much acclaim for its cannolis, cakes, and other baked goods. Earlier this spring, Potito’s opened up a downtown shop at the corner of Juniper and Walnut. In addition to finding most of the same sweets and other treats as the original bakery, you may even be able to satiate your lunch appetite.

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Giant Lasagna at Old City Pizza

Strolling around Old City, looking for something hearty, I saw a sign advertising “Mom’s Homemade Lasagna” in front of Old City Pizza. I had never been to this place before and it was pretty crowded inside.

Besides pizza, sandwiches, and appetizers, the menu has a few specialty items, including some Greek Food. I was tempted by the spanikopita, but I looked at it behind the counter and the lasagna seemed more of a full meal.

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Rosario’s Mole Pizza and a Lesson in Papalo

I had heard that Rosario’s Pizzeria in South Philly had Mexican pizzas. Hawk and Thad enjoyed the Al Pastor pizza there.  Some other friends of mine let me know Rosario’s was a good spot for delivery. So to be lazy, I placed my order. Wanting to try a pizza that hadn’t already been tested out by my fellow blog pals, I chose the mole topped pizza pie.

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Stogie Joe’s Staples

A recently did a little delivery from South Philly’s Stogie Joe’s. It was a while ago, but I remembered enjoy a sample meatball at the Swedish Museum meatball competition.  I had also heard their pizza was something special. So I got a little piggish and ordered both, all for myself.

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