Giant Lasagna at Old City Pizza

Strolling around Old City, looking for something hearty, I saw a sign advertising “Mom’s Homemade Lasagna” in front of Old City Pizza. I had never been to this place before and it was pretty crowded inside.

Besides pizza, sandwiches, and appetizers, the menu has a few specialty items, including some Greek Food. I was tempted by the spanikopita, but I looked at it behind the counter and the lasagna seemed more of a full meal.

The lasagna comes with a soup or salad. The soup, chicken vegetable, is homemade and had a nice amount of both veggies and chicken. Flavor was solid, though I kept yearning for a hint of lemon for that Greek style avgolemono soup.

The lasagna is huge. It was filling. It didn’t suck. There was some ground beef inside. Was it super flavorful? Not really. This is more of a cure for the hungries. And if that wasn’t enough carbs for you, it comes with bread and butter. The whole- bread, soup, lasagna package is $9.50, a fair price for the pounds of food sitting in your stomach.

Old City Pizza, 100 N 3rd St, 215 574 9494


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