Rosario’s Mole Pizza and a Lesson in Papalo

I had heard that Rosario’s Pizzeria in South Philly had Mexican pizzas. Hawk and Thad enjoyed the Al Pastor pizza there.  Some other friends of mine let me know Rosario’s was a good spot for delivery. So to be lazy, I placed my order. Wanting to try a pizza that hadn’t already been tested out by my fellow blog pals, I chose the mole topped pizza pie.

Yes, mole, typically found on enchiladas was going to be on my pizza along with chicken, red onions and mozz ($9). And to get even crazier with it, I added chorizo.   I enjoyed the toppings, I am super glad I added the chorizo for some extra spice and fattiness. Having a spicy-sweet mole sauce works pretty well as a tomato sauce substitute. The crust was the least satisfying part, it was somewhat soggy.
I also tried a giant al pastor cemita. Besides the pork and pineapple mixture, the sandwich contained avocado, oaxaca cheese, black beans, and chipotle. Though I appreciated the size of the sandwich, as well as the generous amount of meat, cheese, and avocado, the pork was too gristly for me.
Additionally, though the pork itself had a nice flavor in between all the gristle, I learned why I felt something was off-putting in the flavor) of this cemita, and now that I think about it, any cemita I have had. Cemitas contain papalo, a sort of cousin to cilantro, that is much more bitter. Not for me, now I know.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Fun pizza toppings and Mexican food along with regular pizza place offerings

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Pizza crust is floppy

Rosario’s, 1501 Wharton St, 215 755 4555



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    I can’t even get good tacos up here, while down in South Philly there’s so much good Mexican food it’s even making its way into the pizzerias! Somebody needs to share the wealth. One of those S. 9th Street-area taquerias needs to come on up here and open a second location on Kensington Ave, quickly!

  • I’ll take whatever papalo you don’t want.

    Also that cemita looks like chili in bread bowl.

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