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PB and J + Bacon Dog at Underdogs

Underdogs has been going strong on 17th Street for a few years now. Back in 2012, Luncher John loved the beef chili covered “Michigan” dog. I have a deep love for hot dogs, but try not to eat them too often. Things have been hectic at work, and I decided a comforting hot dog was something I deserved.  To make it more comforting, why not pair it with toppings from a classic elementary school sandwich and everyone’s favorite breakfast side dish.

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I Tried a Detroit Coney

Hey guys- I am in Detroit right now for a conference and my main goal in between sessions was to try a Coney- a chili, onion, and mustard topped hot dog. Close to where we staying in Downtown Detroit are two rival spots directly next to each other- American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island. They were started by feuding Greek brothers and are both known for this style of hot dog. They are sort of like the Pat’s and Geno’s of Detroit but maybe more culturally accepting. I did a little taste test of a coney at each.

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Hot Diggity’s New Sides Can’t Trump the Hot Dogs

Labor Day weekend is approaching. That puts me in the mood for classic American eats. Until I can have my Dad grill up some hotdogs to a perfect crisp, Hot Diggity on South Street satisfies my American needs. I love their treatment of Sabrett dogs. Last week, they added new menu items, including side dishes and burgers. A good excuse to head over.

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Moe’s Hot Dog House Puts All the Things On or Around Your Hot Dog

Every time I bike to the Gray’s Ferry Pathmark I pass Moe’s Hot Dog House. The signs for hot dogs, fish cake, and cheesesteaks suggest an authentically simply joint for Philly staples and I kept telling myself I had to get in there and see what it was all about. After several late afternoon attempts, I was told it now closes at 1:30  (though the website says 3) and made sure to get in for an earlier lunch.

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Hot Dogs with Big, Meaty Toppings at The Dapper Dog

 Today Luncher John is at the new and improved Dapper Dog

One of the new trucks in the LOVE Park regular rotation this year is The Dapper Dog. Originating as a late weekend night hot dog cart in Northern Liberties, The Dapper Dog now has a full-fledged food truck with one regular weekly appearance at LOVE Park. You can easily spot it by the fantastic illustration on the left side of the red truck.

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Mac Mart Food Truck for Cheesy Bowls and Mac topped Hot Dogs

This week Luncher John is back on the streets, checking out the mac from Mac Mart

There will always be a place for the ultimate comfort food, macaroni and cheese. Who, as a kid, didn’t enjoy a good bowl of mac and cheese, whether it was Kraft or mom’s homemade recipe? And it still remains a good meal as you’ve grown up.

Mac Mart, a new food truck that opened in December at Drexel, aims to satiate the continuing craving. Launched by Marti Lieberman, a recent Drexel alum, Mac Mart is the city’s first truck specializing in mac and cheese. At lunchtime during weekdays, the truck is easily spotted at the bustling corner of 33rd and Arch Streets by its distinct pink color and graphic of Marti serving a pot of the goods.

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Make A Pastrami Topped, Knish Stuffed Hot Dog at Hershel’s

Sometimes I am really proud of how gross I am. I noticed that Hershel’s in Reading Terminal offered a knish dog. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, was it a hot dog poked inside a knish? A hot dog wrapped in a knish? I had to know.

Then I saw the hunks of glistening meat on the cutting boards. I wanted it all.

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