Jumbo Tots and Plump Chicken Breasts Are Built for Pleasure at Samwich

I was happy to hear that the Nolibs funky American restaurant Suppa had opened a sandwich place a bit closer to where I live. Samwich occupies the small space at 6th and Catherine, which had formerly been the site of Blue Belly BBQ. There is a counter to eat at and a list of sandwiches that are mostly rifts on comfort food.

The lamb meatball sandwich was decent, though the meatballs were too compacted. While you could do worse for lunch, with so many other exciting sandwiches available, you might want to pick another. So read on.

And we did, with the thick and juicy country fried chicken and its bacon, cheese, and pickles ($11). This is one of those sandwiches you’ll need to open your mouth pretty wide for, so if you get it to go, maybe you don’t want to eat it in public or at an office without a door to close. Their fry technique could not go unnoticed, like a pair of obnoxious newlyweds, the chicken and batter were like one.

At Samwich, the choice of sides with each sandwich are popcorn, fries, or tater tots. You want the tots. These homemade beauties are HUGE. The biggest I have ever seen, and crispy to boot.

For stand alone sides, you are looking at the mac and cheese bowls. Mac and cheese bowls that can be topped with sriracha tomato jam, garlic crumbs, and crispy pork roll. You should probably share this.

Reviewing the menu, I’d also be interested in the cubano, brisket, and pastrami sandwiches. Along with the mac and cheese, the voluptuous tots and buxom fried chicken sandwich should be taken for a ride.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Did I mention the tater tots and fried chicken?

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Meatball sandwich is not a showstopper
  • Not much space to sit
  • Most sandwiches over $10

Samwich, 600 Catherine St, 267 457-5977



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