Honduran Fried Pastries at Moctezuma

We all know the Italian Market is 50% the Mexican Market, and I don’t mind, I like it all. But, when there is something even slightly more “novel,” I am all about it. Thus, when I noticed Moctezuma at 9th and Washington served Honduran along with the standard Mexican menu, I immediately stopped my produce shopping and went inside.

I asked for a watermelon juice- sandia agua fresca- with some extra slices of lime. There is no drink more refreshing. I drank as much as I could while I waited for the rest of my food, biding my time by picking up collards at the Italian Market.

Pastellitos, covered in cabbage and cheese (3 for $6), comprised my Honduran order of the day. Fried dough is usually good. The intense corn masa for these guys impressed, while the comforting chicken and potato filling held its own.

I also ordered  caldo tlalpeno ($7), an awesome Mexican chicken soup with rice, carrots,  and chickpeas. It was hearty, but not heavy- sort of perfect if you are craving hot soup in the summer time (it happens!). The soup came with a side of tortillas, though I ended up making quesadillas with them later on.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Honduran specials along with Mexican Food
  • Outdoor seating and BYO

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • They do not speak much English
Moctezuma, 1108 S 9th St, 215 218-4008



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