AYCE Pork Tonight?

While 5pm isn’t technically lunch, this deal is too good to not share. Tonight, and every Monday this summer from 5pm on, Cuba Libre is hosting a $25 all you can eat pig roast featuring a huge piggy slow roasting all day on the streets of Old City in the “Caja China.” I was invited for a porky preview.

Not all pig roasts products are created equal. The pork can turn out unfortunately bland or dried out. That was not the case at Cuba Libre- Chef Guillermo makes sure the pigs are tended to, resulting in tender shreds of meat and crispy sheets of skin.

To accompany all that meat: chimmichuri and mojo sauces, a fresh salad, rice, beans, and grilled bread served with mango butter and pig drippings. Now that I’ve smeared those two on to bread, I feel sad going back to regular butter. Need more pork? More beans? Not a problem, its all you can eat, remember?.  Quite the deal. A refreshing grilled Peach Sangria to quench your thirst is on special for $5 a glass.  If you need something to look forward to on Mondays like I do- all the pork just might do it.

Cuba Libre, 10 S 2nd St, 215 627-0666



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