Rustica Pizza

And for yet another edition of I got drunk and ate pizza and really liked it: that time I went to Rustica in Northern Liberties. Knowing I would be in the area , that morning I made note of what was delicious nearby. With a menu boasting brisket and mashed potato and kielbasa and kraut pies, Rustica was instantly on my radar.
Unfortunately the crazier pizzas were not offered by the slice, though my friend somehow ate a slice covered in extremely hot peppers.  For me, a slice of pepperoni and a slice of chicken parm on crispy crusts made me so very happy. And in case my bourbon drenched credibility should be called in to question, I am not the only one who pines for this pizza.
Rustica, 903 N 2nd St, (215) 627-1393



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    Yeah, they’ve got good slices. I’d go there much more often if I didn’t have Four Sons and Pizza Brain so close.

    I did a ‘slice quest’ sort of thing myself over the past couple of months (hit about 30 places on this side of the Schuylkill, from Kensington down to about South Street), and Rustica would rank in my Top 20.

    NYPD on 11th was my favorite ‘new’ find over that time. I still think Lorenzo’s down 9th Street is the best slice in the city, though.

    Rustica’s got a bit thicker crust than I generally like, but I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad slice there, over plenty of years. Have never tried a whole pie, and therefore have never tried any of their more unusual offerings, but they’re definitely a sure shot for a quick, solid slice.

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    And for the record, I REALLY want an Old Forge-style pizza place here one day. Come on, somebody, open one up!

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      I avoided them for years, mainly based upon my general theory that any pizza place that calls itself “NY”-something in its name, outside of NYC, is probably not very good.

      I’ve been proven wrong for the second time in my life (first time was Escape from New York pizza in Portland, OR, when I lived out there years prior to their recent pizza-scene elevation), so maybe it’s time to consider ditching that theory.

      NYPD is still solid, and reminds me of many of my favorite slice joints of my North Jersey youth.

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