Sarcone’s Meatball Hoagie

Pretty much every time I visit Sarcone’s Deli, I order some rendition of an Italian Hoagie. The layers of high quality meat and cheese on that beautiful bread are too perfect to resist. But a hot, saucy sandwich on a cold day seemed like it could be a nice change of pace.

The Sarcone’s bread we all know in love covered in red sauce and melty mozzarella is a good thing. The meatballs though, were just not quite as good as some other Italian sandwich shops around town (Dad’s Stuffing and Pastificio come to mind). So, I want to know a) what is your favorite Sarcone’s sandwich? and  b) where are your favorite meatballs in Philly?

Sarcone’s, 758 S 9th Street, 215 922-0445



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    George’s and DiNic’s are my two favorites for Italian-style meatball sandwiches. I’ve been meaning to get back to Johnny’s Hots one of these days, I think I’ll finally skip the Combo and give their meatballs a try next time. Coffee House Too at York & Belgrade put out a good one the one time I tried it a couple years back.

    If I’ve gotta pick just one meatball sandwich of any kind, give me the Romanian kebab from Hamifgash.

    As for Sarcone’s, I don’t think I’ve ever had anything there other than the Sarcone Special hoagie. I should get back there and branch out some.

  • were the balls under-inflated?

    the NFL needs to know right away

  • @jay I haven’t been to Hamifgash in years, but I did enjoy the kebab- which is the Romanian one?

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      Looks like you got the Hamifgash kebab there – the Romanian kebab is beef instead of lamb, but other than that it looks like the exact same sandwich.

      I usually prefer lamb over beef myself, but there’s just something I can’t quite put my finger on about the Romanian kebab there that took it up another level or three. I haven’t been there in probably close to two years myself, though it still stands out in my mind as one of the best sandwiches I’ve had (twice).

      I should get back there soon for round three. Their baba ghanouj is the best I’ve had around here, too.

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