Prime Stache in Old City

Photo courtesy of Prime Stache

So some local foozball player opened an American bistro in Old City last Spring (obviously I am an avid sports fan). Its a pretty straight forward menu with a solid cocktail list. They are open for lunch/brunch Wednesday through Sunday.

An appetizer of poached sweet pea and edamame ravioli with a reisling and truffle oil sauce certainly reminded me of Sampan’s signature truffled edamame dumplings that I love. Like those at Sampan, the silky texture and nutty flavor is a winner, however, it came with about 3 or 4, which, although they were each large,  is not a lot for the $9 price.

9 out of 10 times when an offensively decadent plate is on the menu, I will order it. At Prime Stache, it would have been the Ron Burgandy, a sandwich with pulled pork, pork belly, roast pork, coca cola bbq, cheddar cheese, slaw, fried tabasco onions. For some stupid reason, I decided to be a little healther, choosing the lemon garlic grilled fish sandwich ($10) with homemade chips.  It was just ok, didn’t take me to pleasure town, the seasoning was good and it was grilled just long enough, but the tilapia had a tiny bit of a less than fresh taste.

Has anyone tried the Ron Burgandy? I missed out, didn’t I?

Prime Stache, 110 Chestnut St., 267 886-8354


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