Rice & Mix Tackles Korean Fried Chicken, Succeeds

When Rice and Mix first opened, I lunched on their  pork bibimbap. I enjoyed it, but wouldn’t necessarily return for it.  What I did want to return for was the Korean Fried Chicken, which after months of teasing has finally entered the lunch rotation.

The fried chicken combo ($8.50) comes with 5 chicken wings, a side of rice, and vegetables-  which turned out to be some room temperature broccoli and carrots, 2 pickle slices, and some edamame.

Korean Fried Chicken is a fried delicacy I have enjoyed extensively in New York. Though I haven’t yet made it to Cafe Soho in North Philly, I have tried the more central options and none have been quite right. At Sammy Chon’s they were a little too crispy, at Chick-a-Licious they were a bit under seasoned. I feel like Goldilocks here and my expectations were low. I was happy to find these wings were cradled in batter that stayed crispy and held on tight to the wing. The coating of spicy sauce was more heat-oriented than the savory soy-garlic combo favored in NY, but it was still satisfying. I really enjoyed these wings!

Not lunch related, but worth noting in a Rice and Mix update- a new food oriented happy hour is being offered with $6 ramen, and $7 udon, fried rice, and tempura from 2-5pm.

Rice & Mix1207 Walnut St, 215 547 3500


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    I’ve been waiting for the first warm(-ish) weekend (come on already!) to head on up to Olney and thereabouts, and try some of the Korean places up there. Cafe Soho included. This weekend looked okay at first, but I have to head out of town now. Hopefully next weekend will do. If it’s dry and 50-ish next Sunday, my personal forecast will also include Korean fried chicken!

    I was gonna note that I passed a place on Walnut somewhere advertising bulgogi cheesesteaks as a new item on their menu. About a month ago. I wonder if this was the place? I have never been here.


    And o/t, but I finally had Mama’s sabich. Easily a Top 5 sandwich in the city, though do note that I am obsessed with eggplant in any and all of its forms. Especially in sabich form, which would be my Desert Island Sandwich. I can’t remember much about Taim’s in NYC, which I had in 2011, so I guess it must have not stood out much. I’m definitely gonna have to try that one again next time I’m up there.

    Mama’s was definitely better than the last sabich I had, back in Portland, which was from a food cart run by an Israeli couple, but it was vegan establishment so they used potatoes instead of egg. That last part held it back from true excellence, imo.

    This sabich is definitely gonna be a regular item in my “hey it’s 7:00 on Tuesday and Mama’s is still open, lemme hop the El down there and pick up dinner” rotation…

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