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Lunch Links (The “Happy Jewish New Year” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Drew Lazor
  • Crisp has opened in Center City, with lots of falafel and toppings [Meal Ticket]
  • Questlove is thinking about a food truck but needs advice. Questlove- I would be happy to give you a consult on what the peoples want! [Grub Street]
  • sweetgreen is serving flawless salads in UCity [Phila Weekly]
  • 22nd and Philly loves the bulgogi cheesesteak at Koja truck as much as I do [22nd and Philly]

Duck for Two at Sang Kee

Recently Zinc advertised their 2 course duck preparation for 2 and it sounds insane; seared duck breast carved table side followed by grilled legs and wings. This will set you back $85. Not exactly Midtown Lunch friendly. So I wanted to find an affordable version. At Sang Kee in Chinatown, 1/2 a duck, also served 2 ways (take that Zinc) is a mere $20. Leave it to  Sang Kee, to allow us to feel a little fancy and filled with duck for $10 a person.

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1/2 off Empanadas and Gluten Free Arepas: Today's Living Social gets you $30 worth of Venezuelan food for $15, at Sazon, a place I really enjoyed lunching at.

Chickie’s Italian Sandwiches Are Classically Great, But Now I Am Dreaming Of A Crazy Custom Order

Chickie’s Italian Deli has been serving sandwiches since 1993 in the Italian Market. I could go into the history but instead I think you should put on some headphones and watch the Chickie’s “webmercial” and prepare yourself to be entertained like you never have been.

Did you watch it? I was kidding, but the video does sum up how family and neighborhood- centric this place is. A trip over there was long overdue.

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Was Anyone in NYC for the NY Vendy Awards this Weekend?

I was lucky enough to attend the NY Vendy Awards this Saturday on Governors Island. Check out the Midtown Lunch recap here.  I was really impressed with how many vendors were slinging their amazing wares. Saturday’s winners including a papusa and tamale truck (Vendy Cup), the best souvlaki I’ve ever had (People’s Choice Winner), korean tacos (Rookie Winner), not to mention the Jersey, Dessert, and Marker’s Mark categories. It wouldn’t be fair to compare Philly’s Vendy awards, since ours was brand new. So to all Philly food trucks, I hope to see you next year at our 2nd annual Vendy awards, lets show NY how outstanding our truck scene can be.

What is a Double? It’s About Time You Learned With Help from The Mini Trini Truck

I mentioned last week that a new truck was joining LOVE Park. Due to some mechanical difficulties, last Thursday was actually their first day. They will continue to serve on their regular schedule now, Mondays and Thursdays. The Mini Trini truck is bringing Trinidadian food to Center City lunchers.  The owner also has a shop in Chestnut Hill, so she knows how to serve great food.  The truck is still waiting on its final touches to the facade, hence no truck picture posted since you should never take a picture of a lady without her makeup on.  I was, however, able to try and photograph the classic Trini dish- the double. Which is in no way anything close to the KFC double down.

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Lunch Links (The “Latin Farmer: Loving and Leaving ” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Foodzings