Lunch Links (The “The Answer to My Tasso Prayers” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Caroline Russock from Serious Eats
  • Must have this sandwich now!!!! I have been requesting that tasso make it to Philly! Now in a tasso panini from Plenty in South Philly [Serious Eats]
  • Phoodie is all about the Mexican Chicken Soup at Grocery while the weather is still chilly [Phoodie]
  • We really could use some more good Thai food, so I was happy to hear Erawan is expanding to Chinatown [Meal Ticket]
  • Row Home Eats agrees with us that the chicken lunch at Meme is worth checking out [Row Home Eats]
  • Penn Appetit has only good things to say about Marrakesh Express [Penn Appetit]


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