The Thursday Fried Chicken Lunch at Meme

2 weeks ago, the Yelp Community Manager Michelle reminded me of a deal that I had been meaning to try but had slipped my mind- the Thursday Fried Chicken lunch deal at Meme that has been going on since the Summer of ’09. So, as proposed, Michelle and I made our way to 22nd and Spruce to check it out together. Meme is a small restaurant normally serving rustic fare for dinner and being able to sample Chef Katz’s food for lunch is a good way to skirt the price tag of the $25 entrees. ¬†Thursday is the only day of the week that Meme is open for lunch, and only the fried chicken and sides are available. For $11, I was willing to go over the ML price range for a classy sit down lunch.

The deal comes with 2 pieces of juicy, expertly prepared chicken- a leg and a thigh. I don’t know if I have ever had fried chicken where the breading clung to the meat like this. These days, mass produced chicken can taste like nothing, here the chicken flavor was strong and enhanced, not masked, by the breading seasoning. A buffalo sauce style dip was there to add as much kick as we chose. On the side was a crumbly piece of corm bread, that was at just the right level of sweetness.

The deal also comes with your choice of iced tea or beer. My evening prior was a bit too beer filled, so uncharacteristically I passed on the alcohol. I was happy that our waitress kept our iced tea glasses full.

Every week you get the option of adding on another side. For us, it was a well balanced potato salad for an extra $2 dollars.

The lunch deal is a high-brow meets low-brow win, especially when its nice enough to eat at the outdoor tables.  So what were you planning on doing for lunch today? Chicken anyone?

Meme, 2201 Spruce, 735-4900



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