Some Actual Sugar, From A Dessert Truck

While I may have gotten some sugah from my diner experience this week, I was craving some actual dessert. I had been meaning to try the Sugar Philly truck for many many months. Finally I made my way over to University City to check out their treats. The first lesson I learned was that college students love their macarons. So much so that many flavors were sold out by the time I arrived in the late afternoon. The chef even mentioned he might be moving towards a more macaron centered menu.

The college crowd is not wrong, the macarons are perfect. You can get 2 of them for $3. I had the milk and honey and a chocolate hazelnut. The latter was my favorite. The big soft but crunchy cookie is a pleasure to eat and there is a heavy shmear of filling in between them.

The creme fraiche cheesecake came topped with pineapple. I enjoyed the atypical texture of this cheesecake and the restraint on the sweetness level.

I liked the creme brulee but it could have used something more to make it different from other creme brulees, like a drizzle on top or a fun surprise burst in the middle.

I am sad I missed out on the chocolate lavender macaroon, has anyone tried it?

Sugar Philly Truck, 38th and Walnut, get updates on their twitter feed



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