Sometimes City Life Requires Diner Pleather with a Side of Sugah

I am not sure what possessed me to walk into the Midtown III Diner, but it may have been the hope that some older, gentle but sassy lady would call me ‘honey’. I knew that I wasn’t in for a fabulous meal and that didn’t stop me. I wanted to sit in a retro pleather booth and take a break for a while, forgetting that about the fact that I was in a busy part of a major city. Can you relate?

Mission accomplished. I got my booth seat, the turquoise and brown accents on the pleather were an added bonus. I was pretty pumped that I could order a vanilla coke old school style- fountain soda with extra syrup.

While my typical diner fare usual ┬áinvolves something with bacon or chicken salad, but I was swayed by the fish and chips ($8) under the Chef’s Specials section of the large menu.┬áI was served 3 pieces of heavily battered cod with tartar and cocktail sauce and a big side of perfect diner-y fries.

And sure enough, my sweet white haired waitress called me honey and I loved it.

Midtown III, 28 S 18th (@ Ranstead St) 215 567-5144



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