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Cartwatch: What Happened to the Teriyaki Cart?

It seems as if the Teriyaki Cart, which I wrote about two weeks ago, has disappeared.  Multiple reports have come in saying that they haven’t been parked in their normal spot on 49th & 3rd.  Anybody see them there today?  Or in a different part of Midtown?  Post tips in the comments, or send them to

Cartwatch: What Happened to the Carribean Spice Cart

This question was posted in the comments the other day about the Carribean Spice Cart, which used to park on 46th btw. 6+7th (next to the Biryani Cart.) “What happened to these girls? Anyone know where they went? The cart has not been there for several months.”

I checked with Meru from the Biryani Cart who said that last he heard their permits had expired, and they were trying to get them renewed. That cart was fine, and I liked that they had roti… but if you’re really missing them, there is always the Jamaican Dutchy Cart (on 51st and 7th).

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Cartwatch: A New Kati Roll Cart?


I walked by this mysterious “Main Hoon Na” cart the other day parked on 46th btw. 11+12th (a lot of the city’s carts park in the garages over in the far reaches of Midtown West). Kati rolls? Biriyani? Chicken tikka? Yes please! Anybody seen this cart, which may or may not have been named after a Bollywood movie, parked in Midtown? (Or somewhere else for that matter.) I can’t imagine it will replace the Briyani Cart (on 46th and 6th) but you can never have enough kati rolls… comment below or email me at

Cart Watch: 2nd Kati Roll Cart Arrives & Disappears from the East Side

Signs for the new "Kati Roll" Cart, Midtown NYC

Last week a lunch’er sent word that a Kati Roll cart had popped up on the NE corner of 45th and 2nd Ave. It has since disappeared and there has been no further word.  At first I thought it may be the Biriyani/Chapati Roll Cart (on 46th btw. 6+7th), which has plans to roll out their second cart on the East side in the next few weeks. But a quick check revealed that it’s not them… this is a another deal altogether. Last june a mysterious Kati Roll cart popped up on 46th btw. 6+7th (next to the Chapati Roll cart) but quickly disappeared as well.  I wonder if it has returned? 

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