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In With Academia Barilla, Out With Wichcraft at Bryant Park


I noticed a sign for a new location of the uninspired Academia Barilla on Sixth Avenue between 40th and 41st Street. For those near Bryant Park who crave a cheap, pasta meal that you could make it home, this could be good news. The pasta maker will open their second Midtown location in the coming months.

As one lunch option opens, another one shutters. Eater reported that the Bryant Park ‘wichcraft kiosk has closed for good in 2015. No word yet on what will replace it. But, of course, there are still locations of the sandwich chain in Rockefeller Center, 46th Street near 5th, and on Park and 47th.

Resolved to Eat Classier? Check Out Cafe Tarantin’s Truffle Pasta

Holiday presents have already been opened AND returned, you’ve packed on some healthy holiday weight, and your wallet’s seriously hurting. No more decadent meals, you think, but I’m here to ruin your New Year Resolutions! Oh, and if you don’t like truffle (the mushroom kind), you can just stop reading now.

This homey cafe doesn’t have signage beyond a simple sidewalk sandwich board. The reflective windows don’t really help passersby see what’s inside, either. Compound that with being just off of 8th Ave with a large pizzeria on the corner, and Cafe Tarantin flies well under the radar, whether that’s their intention or not. In any case, I’m thankful Cafe Tarantin hasn’t been discovered by the masses of tourists (or most midtowners for that matter). The cafe may not have that many items under the $10 budget, but one dish, the Tartufo pasta, makes up for all that.

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Famous Halal Guys Have Raised Their Prices!


We got a tip a few weeks ago from Luncher Chris who noticed the prices at The Famous Halal Guys have increased from $6 to $7. Sure enough, all of their carts in the vicinity of 53rd and 6th now have menus that read $7 for any rice dish. One of the guys at the cart on the SE corner told me it has been that way for about two weeks now.

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