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And So It Begins… Burmese Lunch Specials at Rangoon


For my first lunch expedition I wanted to find a place that would warm anyone up during this exceptionally cold winter. Recently, I have been really enjoying  Burmese food, so when I’m looking for a change of pace in Chinatown, Rangoon is the perfect alternative.  If you are unfamiliar with Burmese food, think about it as a combination of Indian, Thai, and Chinese style dishes and flavors. Rangoon’s lunch specials are available for take out, but if you do decide to sit down and stay awhile, you can be in and out of there and back to your office in under an hour.


Lets get the less satisfactory part of the lunch out of the way; lunches come with a soup or a salad, the soup offered was hot and sour (is that even Burmese?) and was the gloppiest bowl of soup I have ever dipped my spoon into. Hello cornstarch. Its really unfortunate because the soup had a nice taste to it, but I could not get passed that texture. Soup should not plop off the spoon! But I can forgive them, because the soup is an unnecessary afterthought and not why I eat at Rangoon anyway.  I was there for the Pork with Mango Pickled Curry.

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