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Wandering Wednesdays: Polish Cafeteria Food at Syrenka

It’s Wednesday, meaning time to explore lunches outside my guarded Center City purview. I started with New Wave Cafe, but there is another spot to get the real deal Polish food experience- Syreka.

Syrenka is one of the realest places I have lunched at; simple tables to eat at, a counter with hot food to pick from in the front, and a kitchen in the back to make all the rest.  The well-used phrases “honest, home cooking” can’t help but come to mind. If you had a Polish grandmother who loved you very much, she would make you the exact meal that I had.

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Wandering Wednesdays: Starting Off with Polish Cooking at New Wave Cafe

My main goal of the summer was to explore a part of the city that I had never even been to before. I’ve been South, West, East, semi North, and even to Manayunk. But  I know nothing about the very Northeast, a really interesting part of the city. So for the next few Wednesdays, I am checking out different lunch spots up and over yonder, starting with the New Wave Cafe in Port Richmond.

The New Wave Cafe purports to be a restaurant, bar, and disco, basically all the things you could ever want it to be. Inside the slightly dark space there is a bar and  a few tables,  space art on the walls, and a dance floor, you know, for the disco-ing.

The Cafe is a family owned Polish establishment and the menu reflects that in all the best ways. I really really love Polish food, and the picking are slim to none around Center City (fancy hipster peirogies don’t count), so I was psyched to get that home cooking.

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