Skewers near Temple Hospital

So let’s say (heaven forbid!), heat stroke brings you to Temple Hospital, you might need a place to eat once you are discharged. For something very much off the beaten path, there is Venango BBQ Restaurant. It is small and dingy, covered in the bullet-proof glass that is a popular design element in this area.

10 combos are available, with chicken, beef, shrimp, and different cuts of steak that can be combined with your choice of fried rice, vegitables, or salad.  The combos range from $7 to $11.50. Rotisserie chicken is also available.

I was hoping to get off even cheaper, so I just went with some kebabs, sans combo.

For $3.50, you can get a long skewer of beef cubes with peppers and onions on bread. The beef tasted like it was marinated bulgogi style-salty and sweet.  A few cubes had areas that were a little too chewy to eat, but otherwise- this is a pretty good lunch deal for the area.

You can request sriracha and sweet chili oil with any order. They both kick up the flavors of the grilled meats.


I also tried the chicken skewer ($2). Like the beef, it came with a lot of boneless chicken pieces for the price. The flavor was kind of like the bourbon chicken you would find at the mall, but better. The chicken had satisfying charred edges, but also contained parts that were inedibly fatty. Grilled onions came in between the cubes.

 For dessert- containers of cut fruit are available.


THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • I like cheap grilled meat
  • I am looking for a different option other than cafeteria food in this area
  • Anything topped with sriracha and chili oil tastes good to me

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I try to avoid places  equipped with bullet proof glass
  • The meat on the skewers is not the best quality


Venango BBQ, 1336 W. Venango St (@ Broad), 215 229 5969



  • Is it wrong that I assume a place with bulletproof glass will not have quality food?

    • In the South bullet-proof glass is usually a sign of quality, like a Michelin sticker.

      Is venango a type of food? A proper name? Does this have some sort of hidden ethnic slant?

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    Venango is the street it’s on.

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    Growing up, I always thought every take out place came with bullet proof glass…it was normal…I went to a chinese take-out place in Camden…there was no bullet proof glass… I was shocked!!


    The meat was okay. The beef was a little chewy…some part. I ate the inedible fatty part of the chicken …

    Without any sauce, the meat was decent. You get a lot for a reasonable price. With the sauce…let say you reallly need the sauce. If they cooked the meat with whatever sauce you want, the taste will explode by 10 fold!!

    I’m torn by one thing though… I like the fact that it’s not a dinky little meat on a stick that you see at most $1 skewer places… two $1 chicken skewers probably doesn’t match their one $2 chicken. BUT…there’s no stick to hold on to when eating it. Should they remove one peice of meat so I have a handle, or get a longer piece of stick?? I don’t know… think about it… if you ordered a corn dog with the stick hidden inside the corn dog… sure you can take a bite and get to the stick but is it the same?

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