Other Things I Ate This Week: (Preview Edition) Shroom Burgers and Jansen

This week I got to try samples from Jansen, opening in Mt. Airy this month. The cured meat and cheese plate, pea soup shooter, oysters, perfectly cooked scallop, and bevy of desserts were spot on. This place is going to be off the chain.

I also previewed a burger creation one year in the making by Drexel Food lab, served at Sidecar. Food scientist worked on the right ratio of Casanova beef  to Race-West white mushroom and St. Lucifer spices to create a really delicious and healthier burger patty. The hope is this patty will get mass produced by a company that can scale it, be on the look out.

I also got to sample some of the menu at Nick’s in Old City. I dug the mac & cheese, pork slider, & Carolina style bbq sauce.

Casanova Meats beef, Race-West mushrooms, and St. Lucifer spices.


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