Kati Rolls All Over My Hands from Masala Kitchen

I was sad to see Marabella Meatball Co shutter on Walnut Street.  I really enjoyed their meatballs, sauces, high quality cheeses, and BYO policy. But the folks from Spice End took over the spot and set up Masala Kitchen with a small menu of kati rolls and rice plates. I love kati rolls and have yet to find the perfect one in Philly.

I ordered a beef tikka roll to go and ate it on the run, which wasn’t the best plan. I was hoping there would have been some recipe improvement from the time I ordered similarly at Spice End. The wrap got a little drippy and some the the pieces of beef were gristly- I needed to locate a garbage to toss my half chewed pieces…. cute image, right? At $5.50 for the one roll, this isn’t the biggest bang for your buck. I would have loved some sort of side dish- pickles maybe? Don’t forget to grab some zesty white sauce with whatever you end up ordering.

Masala Kitchen, 1211 Walnut St, 215-309-3301


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