Other Things I Ate This Week: Dumpling Making with Han, Cuban Happy Hour, Average Grilled Cheese

*new weekly feature for 2016: brief photo recaps + not always lunch

This week started off with a super random and fun evening- making dumplings with Han of Han Dynasty. I finally learned how to pleat!

I also tried happy hour at Alma de Cuba for the first time. It’s super dark in there, so no pictures. But I liked the classic mojito, the strange cuban sandwich on a stick, spinach empanadas, and alfajores- all reasonably priced.

I had a grilled cheese craving and grabbed a sandwich from Milkhouse on 19th Street. Totally fine but not at all worth the price. I should have gone to Meltcraft around the corner, right?

Milkhouse, 37 S 19th St, 267 639-4286


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