A Film about ME + Other Things I Ate This Week (Smore Cup & Seafood Risotto)

Hi All! There’s going to be a slight change to the Midtown Lunch Philly format because I have less free time these days and I want to have fun with this site without it being a chore. I also want to focus more on hosting food tours. In fact, a friend created a short documentary about how and why I got in to food writing and food tours. Old Timer Midtown Lunch readers probably were already familiar with the story, but here it is, along with clips of me shoving food in my face:

Following Food Dreams

Back to the site updates: expect one regular lunch review a week, a round up of pictures and brief descriptions of the best things I ate during the rest of the week (not necessarily lunch), plus lunch related links on Fridays (as always). Cool?

This week I checked out A La Mousse, the new dessert spot by the Sakura Mandarin folks, next door to Sakura Mandarin. This place is adorable.  I loved the smore cup and the “Harvest” and I will defintely be back for the green tea-r-amisu and sizzling ice cream.

A La Mousse, 145 N 11th St

I also had a meal at Tria Fitler Square with the highlight clearly being the seafood risotto.

Tria Fitler Square, 2227 Pine St

Lastly, has anyone heard anything about Sea Bar in Chinatown? I am not sure if it is open yet.

And where did you eat?? You guys don’t mind looking at pictures about the best things I put in my mouth during the week, right? What do you think of the little video?? I don’t exactly love hearing myself on camera, but I love the images of Philly.



  • I dont think the footage of you on a bicycle at the 16 second mark is the bicycle footage we want *grin*

  • The frame of Jamie with the sausage thought balloon nodding and thinking ‘oh yeah. Gimme some of that ‘ is my new screen saver

    Was going to use the high school one but that would violate my probation

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