Jamacian D’s Flagship

You may have seen Jamaican D’s food truck around town. The storefront is located in Germantown and from 9am on sells what you would find on the truck: stewed meats, fish,  and sides

Small platters are $8 and come with 2 sides. Recommended by the lady in line in front of me, I picked the curry chicken. A generous amount of tender chicken and potatoes in a curry gravy. For me, the tumeric flavor was a bit dominating and that spice is not my favorite.  Good for the brain, just not good for my mouth.

My two sides, mac & cheese and mashed potatoes fared better for me. The huge portions only made up part of my happiness. The mashed potatoes were well- seasoned and the mac was gooey.

I probably would have been happier with fried chicken or fish as my main- but I blame myself (and that lady in front of me) not JD’s.

Jamaican D’s, 1265 E Chelten Ave, 215 927-7415


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