Late to the honeygrow Train

In 2012, Luncher John reported on the newly opened honeygrow and was relatively satisfied by the noodles and fruit bowls, but not enthused about the lines. While the crowds seem to still favor Honeygrow, they are a bit more manageable now, which meant it was finally time for me to check it out. I have passed by countless times, smelling good things, but being skeptical of the concept.

Order your noodle bowl or salad via a touchscreen, and wait for your number to be called.  I built my own shrimp bowl with “freshly made” whole wheat noodles (can anyone confirm that?), mushrooms, edamame, roasted corn and a simple, sesame garlic sauce that was on the sweet side and not particularly complex.

The noodles had a good texture too them, especially for whole wheat. Compared to the T-Swirl shrimp, these were smaller and tasted less fresh.  My favorite part was probably the toppings- the ample scattering of candied cashews and fried shallots.

The whole thing cost just over $10, which for something so basic didn’t seem like the best value. I guess the appeal is the efficiency of the thing. Does Honeygrow do it for you?

Honeygrow, 1601 Sansom Street, 215-279-7724


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