Flaming Portuguese Sausage at Iberia

While Philly has plenty to boast about in terms of offering cuisine from places like Mexico, China, Italy, and Vietnam, there are some countries whose foods do not have such presence here. Portugal would be one of those countries. When I visited Tierra Colombiana, I noticed a Portuguese restaurant across the street and vowed to check it out.  While many of the Portuguese restaurants I have visited have been more upscale- Iberia seemed pretty casual which had me wondering about the food quality. But I liked what I saw when I looked at the menu- lots of meat and shellfish, and sausage on fire.

When an appetizer is offered on fire, I can’t really say no. Just like flamining saganaki- every time I order chorizo that is still on fire when served, I feel the same excitement I did as a kid.

As I sipped my $2.50 glass of red, the “longaniza portuguesa” came out in flames, and crisped up in front of our eyes.  Its a really flavorful sausage, though it might be too heavy to eat on your own.

We also shared a dish of pork and clams with fried potatoes- enough for a group ($17). While the pieces of pork were dry, the clams, crisped potatoes, and especially the broth, were really impressive. I didn’t feel bad drinking the buttery broth by the spoonful.

Where do you go for Portuguese food in Philly?

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • I want meat that is on fire
  • Casual Portuguese food- no pretensions

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Pork was a little dry
  • I want a smaller plate of food, just for myself

Iberia Restaurant and Bar, 4638 N. 5th St, 215 324 7975



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