All About the Appetizers at Rangoon

Rangoon was the very first place I wrote about when Midtown Lunch Philadelphia started in 2010. I was so excited to find Burmese food in Philly and wanted to try their lunch specials.   What I learned from that first visit and subsequent visits is that the best dishes here are found on the appetizer and salads section. The lunch menu in particular isn’t incredibly exciting- so let’s stick to the stand outs.

Besides ordering the chickpea tofu again, I had to get one of my favorite Burmese dishes- green tea leaf salad. The flavor is completely unique- sort of bitter, which I am normally pretty particular about (no arugula or grapefruit for me), but is welcomed and balanced when paired with sesame and peanuts.

The thousand layer pancake is also a must order. Like roti- the hot, flaky bread gets dipped into a warm curry. If you like spicy- go with the potato curry as the accompanying dipping sauce, otherwise choose the chicken.

Want more Rangoon action? Here is a short video of my appetizing meal there.

Rangoon, 112 North 9th St (btw. Cherry St. + Arch St.), 215 829 8939



  • That’s the thousand-layer pancake? There’s one Burmese place in Manhattan (Mingala), and theirs is considerably taller. I only counted about 450 layers, though.

    (Did Wayne know about your food videos before? He must have Googled that by now.)

  • Is that place still open? I used to love the one in the East Village, (Village Mingala) but they definitely closed. I also made the joke to the waiter there about it looking like only 999 layers. He didnt laugh. (It was byo and I was probably drunk)

    • The E. 7th one is gone, but the one on 73rd/2nd remains despite 2nd Avenue Subway construction. Same menu and owners. I didn’t make the obligatory layers joke out loud when I went the first time (I did in the blog post about it), but then I am a classy guy.

  • the chili monk fish is really good too.

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    I LOOOVE that thousand layer bread!!! And the potato curry dip that comes with it. Their appetizers are amazing. I love that lentil triangles too (golden triangles?)

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