Nanee’s Kitchen Chicken Samosas

Nanee’s Kitchen is a stall in Reading Terminal that I have overlooked. (I believe they changed stalls-  I recall a seafood stand being in this place a while back) I don’t usually visit the Terminal for Indian or Pakistani food. But, walking by en route to pick up produce, I noticed the chicken samosas- just the little snack I needed.

Baked, flaky, flavorful- this was actually better than I expected. It’s hard to pull me away from all the Reading Terminal sandwiches that light up my life, but I may even try out a full meal here.

Nanee’s Kitchen, Reading Terminal Market, 12th Street and Arch Street



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    Yeah, they used to be down by OK Produce. They moved into the old Coastal Cave spot about a year ago. I’ve never eaten there, either, but used to pick up a lassi or two from them on occasion.

    Was just at RTM on Wednesday and noticed Hunger Burger is now open. At the rate I usually go, maybe I’ll get around to trying them sometime in summer 2019. But at least they’re officially on the list now!

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    I have bought lassis from there recently, but it’s been a long time since I ordered any food. Like since the first week they opened. Back then I ordered some basic chicken dish, I can’t remember which one, and the person behind the counter kept their back to me while filling my order, slammed the container shut, bagged it and took what was then a substantial amount of money, close to $10, without my seeing the food. When I finally opened it I found two or three tiny pieces of shriveled chicken and not much else. I assume they’ve treated their customers better than that since then, otherwise they’d be out of business, but I’ve been averse to giving them another try ever since.

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