Lunch in Mt. Airy: Jyoti Indian Bistro

Lunchers: this Thursday, September 18th from 6-10:30pm is the Mt. Airy Street Fare. The evening with over 50 food trucks and local restaurants along Germantown Avenue. I have been working with Mt. Airy USA to put the festivities together and I would love to see you there. I have also been learning about Mt. Airy and its diverse food scene. Today, I want to share a lunch from one of the local restaurants that will be participating in Street Fare. 


Jyoti Indian Bistro is a family run restaurant  on Germantown Avenue. Every day, you can get a platter made up of a meat/chicken dish, a vegetarian dish, rice, roti, and a side salad for $8.50 (or 2 veg for $7.50). There are rotating specials along with some guaranteed staples like sag paneer and butter chicken. There are a few seats inside though it is predominately a take out spot.

I was tempted by the option of a kati roll and by the chaat salad made from local produce, but picked the big girl platter instead. My choices were chicken saag, pieces of chicken simmered with spinach,  and matar paneer – pees and cheese in a tomato cream sauce. Both were rich and filling, but not heavy, and went well with the perfumed and perfectly cooked Basmati rice. I have loved poori, a fried Indian bread, since I was a kid, so I ordered it as a side even though I had roti, another bread, with my combo platter. I definitely preferred the airy poori, I knew I would.

Another item I got to try at the Street Fare Media Preview was the chole bhature,  a spicy curry made with white chickpeas on bhatura- a fried leavened flat bread that I have never had before. This was thicker and chewier than the poori and I absolutely loved it- maybe ever more than poori, and thats a big feat.

So, Mt. Airy, guys, have you eaten there? Would you? Will I see you at Street Fare?

Jyoti, 7220 Germantown Avenue, 215 242 5139



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    Aside from maybe half a dozen trips to Earth Bread & Brewery over the years, I can’t recall eating anywhere else in Mt. Airy. Chestnut Hill a few times a year for sure, but not really much in Mt. Airy. If there’s great food there, I’d certainly like to know about it.

    • What Jay said. Friends of mine opened Earth just about six years ago, so it’d be tough for me to eat anywhere else around there. McMenamins in a pinch, just because it’s a sports bar and has good beer, but oh, the Seed flatbread at Earth…

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