Spice End Indian Lunch Box

When  Spice End first opened, I ran over to check out the kati rolls and was pretty pleased, especially by the lamb kebab. On my revisit, almost exactly a year later, I intended to try a Spice End platter. However, the new 1 year anniversary lunchbox  caught my eye- a kati roll and biryani for $7.50. It is available Monday-Friday, during lunch.

The chicken tikka and chicken biryani I picked came in one take out container (paneer roll and veggie biryani are the other options). Don’t forget to grab some sauces from the front (white especially, I didn’t enjoy the taste of the hot sauce). The colorful biryani had a gentle heat. The kati roll seemed more buttery than a year ago, always a good thing and the chicken, topped with a green, herby dressing, was moist and flavorful. Its nice to have the combo and kati rolls are certainly a step away from the boring same sandwich at an equivalent price.

Spice End, 2004 Chestnut St,  267 639-9405


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