Lunch Links (The “Sandwich of My Wet Dreams” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Zagat

  • Penn Appetit is also obsessed with High Street bread [Penn Appetit]
  • The Farmacy in West Philly started $5 and $10 to go lunches, I need to get over there [Zagat]
  • I am not happy that a buffalo, mac and cheese, chicken tender, chicken cheesesteak has to only exist so far away from CC, North Philly people have the advantage [Zagat]
  • But Plenty’s CC location has finally opened [Eater]


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    North Philly always has the advantage just by virtue of being North Philly. There, I said it!

    I’m not quite sure why, but one of my current projects is trying cheesesteaks from the bulletproof Chinese takeouts around here. Can’t recommend going out of the way for any, but they’re mostly surprisingly quite decent.

    I do believe I’m going to have a real Newark Italian Hot Dog for the first time in like twelve years, in two weeks. Charlie’s in Kenilworth, NJ. I vaguely recall Hot Diggity briefly featuring a special somewhat sorta playing off the Newark Italian Hot Dog last year?

    The Newark Italian Hot Dog really needs to be a much bigger thing, everywhere. Two deep-fried dogs on pizza bread, with potatoes, peppers, onions and mustard. I think Paesano’s would crush something like that.

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