Nam Son’s Opened a Vietnamese Bakery

I tend to frequent the Asian grocers in the Vietnamese shopping plazas located along Washington Ave. Today, I noticed a new addition to the plaza on 16th and Washington. Nam Son, an awesome Viet restaurant for noodles and soups, opened a separate bakery last week.

Inside  are a whole lot of pre packaged snacks, like summer rolls plus banh mi and smoothies,  similar to most Viet bakeries in town.

I picked up a kinda weird looking container of pink globs. What are they? Gluttonous rice flour dumplings, filled with dry shrimp and pork, topped with cilantro and shallots. The contrasting textures of the gloopy dumpling skin and crunchy whole shrimp is fun.

Its always good to see previously unused spaces occupied by providers of good food. I’ll have to be back to check out their banh mi.

Nam Son Bakery, 1601 Washington Ave, 215 545-4067


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