Lunches Philly Needs from Nashville

Hey ya’ll, I just got back from visiting Nashville, TN for the first time. Most of my itinerary was based around eating and Jack Daniels. Philly could learn a few things from Nashville dining; for example, did you know mac and cheese is a vegetable?

1) Meat and 3 at Arnold’s

Arnold’s is only open for lunch on week days. A favorite among locals, the long line moves fast during peak hours.The menu changes daily. It works like this- you can pick meats and sides priced according to how many you want to handle. For example, a meat and 3 sides, the classic Arnold’s order, is $8.27

We tried: extra cheesy mac and cheese, a slightly sweet squash casserole, surprsingly un-bitter turnip greens, corn bread in both muffin and pancake form, amazing fried green tomatoes, rosemary scented steak, and a rich spicy chocolate pie that came highly recommended by the local friends we met on line.

The staff is so friendly, they made sure every single person was enjoying their fun and were able to clear tables and get people served and seated as quickly as possible.

If anything in Philly even slightly resembled Arnold’s we’d be a happier and  even fatter city.

2) All you can eat comfort food at Monell’s

At Monell’s you are seated at a large communal table where a rotation of food will arrive family style. You’ll have to get comfortable yelling at the guy you just met across the table to pass you another biscuit. Their all you can eat lunch is just $12.77. I am still thinking about the fried chicken. Served hot, crispy, and juicy, its guaranteed to be served at every meal and is the true highlight. We also passed around corn pudding, beans, fried okra, mashed potatoes, pasta salad, spinach lasagna, plus sweet tea to refresh and banana pudding at the end. Its a truly gross amount of food that requires a nap afterwards.

Honorable mentions:  Bar food at Piranhas and BBQ at Puckett’s

At Piranha’s downtown, hearty bar fare is served late. The chicken wings are stellar, especially the hot ranch flavor. Sandwiches are excessively delightly here; they all come with vinegar based cole slaw, french fries, cheese and your choice of meat.

Puckett’s pulled pork has the option of coming on a jalapeno studded cork cake. After swapping the fries for onion rings and picking squash casserole as my side, I had a pretty awesome lunch for under $10. The pork was smokey and came unsauced; I only need a touch of Puckett’s signature spicy bbq sauce.

I had such a great time listening to live music and eating my weight in meat and fried things in Nashville, but now that I am back in Philly, I feel like I should put myself on a kale only diet for a little while.

Arnold’s Country Kitchen, 605 8th Ave S, 615 256-4455

Monell’s, 1235 6th Ave N, 615 248-4747

Piranha’s, 113 2nd Ave N, 615 248-4375

Puckett’s, 500 Church St, 615 770-2772



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